Professional Work

Virtual Clinical Trials 1, 2, and 3

Client: Rice University CTTL

VCT brings players through the process of setting up a clinical trial, including the scientific method, the history behind clinical trials, and what selection criteria determine who can participate. I worked with fellow Bouncing Pixel artists Mckee Frazior, Jackson Lau, and Ranjith Chandy to produce the game in Flash using Actionscript 3. I completed some of the 2D art, animation and developed the programming based on the earlier codebase built for our CSI games.

Mejorna Gemstone Shaders

Client: Daniel Wu

I created procedural gemstone materials using Allegorithmic Substance Designer for this virtual jewelry design app built using Unity 3D. I was also consulted for my expertise in building games in Unity and taught the team how to use Git for version control.

STEM Scopes - Flash and HTML5 Interactive Investigations

Client: Rice University and Accelerate Learning

Bouncing Pixel designed 18 Interactive Investigations for the team at Rice University that later became Accelerate Learning. These are short interactive science lessons for 5th graders that walk them through various topics in science using the scientific method. I built on a codebase created by our lead programmer Jon Wilsdon, creating all of the prototypes and many of the graphics for the final product. The game engine reads XML to set up the sequence of each investigation and generates a PDF of the final results. Later we ported these games to HTML5 and Javascript, using CreateJS to export the graphics and animation from Flash. I was the lead programmer on that project, with one other programmer under my direction, Deary Hudson.

STEM Scopes - HTML5 Active Assessments

Client: Accelerate Learning

As a follow-up project to the initial STEMscopes, Bouncing Pixel was contracted to create 14 Active Assessments for Accelerate Learning. I built most of the codebase in Javascript for HTML5 canvas from scratch, building on some initial work by Jon Wilsdon, with custom structure for each lesson and many new features added along the way. I worked with Mckee Frazior to create and export graphics from Flash using CreateJS.

CSI Web Adventures 4 and 5

Client: Rice University CTTL

As part of Rice's efforts to teach forensics, Bouncing Pixel made several games for them under the CSI label. I worked with a codebase initially designed for a previous Bouncing Pixel/Rice project: MedMyst. I worked on code for each individual activity within the games and completed animations and graphical tweaks for the 2D and 3D art provided by our team.

Cool Science Careers: "Imagine Yourself..."

Client: Rice University CTTL

These short games were designed by Rice to give high school students a brief introduction to several careers in medical science. I worked with Jon Wilsdon to program them in Actionscript 3, also adding graphics and animations in Flash as needed.

VeeGeeCeeTee: Video Game Controller Training

Client: Tim Chheda

Tim Chheda noticed that many new gamers are frustrated by complicated game controls, so he designed this game to help new gamers overcome this. I implemented his game design using Unity and C#, with art from Jackson Lau. Controller configuration support is provided by cInput, and the game is designed to work with PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One controllers.

Electronic Arts - Medal of Honor 2010

As an intern at EA in the summer of 2009, I worked on special effects and asset management for Medal of Honor 2010. I learned how to use the Unreal 3 engine, working with particle systems in Cascade and Photoshop. I created new effects including explosions, dust effects, and water effects. I also worked with shader hierarchies and nodes in the engine. Asset management involved integrating outsourced assets into our pipeline, reorganizing the preexisting assets, and optimizing 3D models and textures to improve frame rate and memory usage in the game.

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