Personal Projects, Schoolwork, and Experiments

Free the Birds was developed as part of my masters thesis on morality and meaning in video games in 2010. It features photographic backgrounds and particle effects and non-violent gameplay based on the space shooter genre.
Thesis Webpage

Paper Dragon

Initially envisioned as my thesis project, Paper Dragon quickly grew in scope beyond what I could achieve on my own. Concept development on the game continues, and I have plans to pick up work on this game again fairly soon.
Official development website
Development Blog

Feed the Birds - 2008

Not to be confused with Free the Birds, this project was developed in Netlogo for the Generative Art class, combining a flocking system with a Catastrophe Theory-based simulation of animals in a fight or flight response. It formed the basis for the "scissorbird" character design and some of the interactions planned for Paper Dragon.

Greyhound Animation Study - Spring 2009

For the VIZA 615 course at A&M, I learned how to model, rig, and animate a realistic 3D animal. Each phase of the project focused on the visual cues that evoke realism in motion and form without focusing too much on detail. The course began with 2D animation studies, moving on to anatomical sketches and a basic 3D model that was refined incrementally. I wrote a MEL script to generate the rig for the final product.

Greyhound Run Cycle

"Tummies" - Summer 2008 (with Dreamworks)

In this course, we worked in teams of 5 to complete a 30 second animation about a robot that must undergo a major change. Dreamworks Animation representatives guided us throughout the process. I was lead lighter and surfacer for my team.

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